Pre-Spring Cleaning



Dear Residents,
Believe it or not, Spring is just around the corner! So let’s all clean out our apartments, storage lockers and patios/balconies! Starting today, February 9th, 2016, we have a large dumpster available on the property in the back of 4016 building by the playground for those of you who wish to throw away unwanted items.

We also have noticed that many patios/balconies are being used to store grills, trash bags, storage boxes, carpet, etc. These looks trashy and reflect badly on our property appearance, so please remove all those items and only patio/balcony type furniture or flower boxes, or pots are allowed in such area.

Have you visited our Wireless Clubhouse lately?????

Have you been to the clubhouse lately?

If not, grab your laptop or tablet and come check it out!  We have free WiFi, free Starbucks coffee, desks and office chairs, a big screen TV with lots of comfortable seating, vending machines, a pool table, and a change machine where you can get quarters to do your laundry – hooray!

Quarters for laundry!

Quarters for laundry!

Comfortable TV Lounge

Comfortable TV Lounge

Desks, Pool Table, and TV!

Desks, Pool Table, and TV!

FREE Starbucks Coffee!

FREE Starbucks Coffee!

Snack and soda machines

Snack and soda machines




Building 4023 (midrise), 4008, 4012 and 4016

Dear Residents,

Your apartment and/or entire building will be sprayed for insects on February 3, 2016. Due to certain habits of some insects, we sometimes encounter problems with pest control that can only be resolved by a professional exterminator. The exterminator will need access to your apartment for the entire day,

Please follow these simple steps:

  • Empty garbage and remove to outdoor bins or dumpsters.
  • Pick up toys, clothes and other articles from the floor.
  • Tidy up and remove items from under kitchen and bathroom sinks to permit through spraying.
  • For best result, clean out kitchen utensils, dishes, and any food items in cabinets and pantry. We strongly suggest you do this, as certain insects will move from one apartment to another if the entire area is not sprayed properly.

All pets, including fish are negatively affected by the spray, however, please choose a room for the pet to stay-in and please shut the door. Also, place a note on the door not to spray that room and that your pet is in the room. Furthermore, please pull all your plants away from the baseboard.


We appreciate your cooperation in this matter. If you have any questions or prefer not to be sprayed, please contact the office. Have a nice day!!!

Thank you,




Chiefs vs. Patriots

January 16th 2016

  3:35pm  on CBS

On the atmosphere at Gillette Stadium…
“The stadium is going to be loud, it’s going to be a hostile environment. They don’t lose much up there, we know that, tradition-wise. We’re going into a pit fight – we’ll be ready though.”
– Chiefs LB Derrick Johnson